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In apealing the judgment rendered in Superior court, the group is defending the democratic right of citizens to be heard on the development challenges of the territory in which they live. Even if the lawyer’s fees will be offered free of charge by Trudel, Johnston & L’Espérance, the group will have to finance the Appeal court’s fees which are currently estimated at fifteen thousand dollars
(15 000$). You can contribute financially to this cause by using Paypal or by sending a cheque at the address below : 


Payments can be made via cheque or Paypal; cheques should be made payable to the RDDS and mailed to:


Regroupement pour un développement durable à Sutton (RDDS)

Attention: Diane Duchesne

P.O. Box 2111, Sutton (Québec) J0E 2K0


The following people approve and support, in spirit and/or financially, the actions undertaken by the RRDS:


Amir Anders, Nadine Anders, Éliette Aubin, Claude Alleyn de Gaspé, Daniel Aumont, Esther Aumont Duchesne, Edith Aumont Duchesne, Andrée Beaudry, Nicole Beaudry, Robert Benoit, Thérèse Bergeron, Daniel Berthiaume, Anita Bertolaso, Donald Bissonnette, Sophie Bissonnette, Ian Black, Paulette Boudrias, Jean-Guy Boutin, Nicole Boily, François Champagne, Marc Chapleau, Rosanne Cohen, Louise Comtois, Robert Comtois, Carlos Correia Da Cruz, Marie-Josée Correia Da Cruz, Serge Côté, Anne-Marie Courtemanche, Danielle Dansereau, Geneviève Dard, Hélène d'Amours, Liz Davidson, Robert De Gols, Luc Desjarlais, Lili de Grandpré, René Dubord, Diane Duchesne, Dominic Duffaud, Ann Dyer, Diana Dyer, Lucy Eberts, Ann Louise Emanuel, Dominique Fortin, Victor Fournier, Michel Fradette, Serge Gagné, Jean Gaudet, Léon Gilbert, Lise Goad, Catherine Godbout, Hubert Godbout, Danielle Godin, Louise Gratton, Isabelle Grégoire, Marie Gros, Sylvie Hétu, David James, Marc Julien, Helene Klodawsky, Michel Laflamme, Jean-Luc Lanctôt, Sébastien Landry, Robert Larocque, Renée Larouche, Marie Le Cornec, Thérèse Leclerc, Jean-Claude Lefebvre, François Lemay, Pierre Lefrançois, Denise Ligneaut, Ann Lowe, Bernard Mailhot, Pénélope Mallard, Éva-Major Marothy, Jean Marsolais, François Pierre Ménard, Nicole Michaud, Suzanne Michaud, Pierre Migneault, Lou Nelson, Borislav Nicolov, Hélène Paré, Dominique Parent, Jean Perrault, Philippe Pibarot, Monique Picard, Jules Piette, Benoît Pigeon, Eric Pineault, Valerie Pisano, Daphné Poirier, Mary Powell, Daniel Reid, Geneviève Renier, Carol Rodger, Ronald Rodger, Odile Savarese, Chris Shearwood, Barbara Shrier, Roméo Simondi, Lucie Tousignant, Marie Lucie Vachon, Jacques Viau, Michael Wageli, Elizabeth Wallace, Charles Weldon, Catherine Zellweger, Maaike Zuyderhoff



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